Welcome To Pins

PINS is all about having fun, real fun, proper serious fun.

We’ve taken socialising back to the good old days when a night out wasn’t just a few drinks at the bar, but an experience, a real event. PINS is about connecting with one another authentically, and our corporate packages are specifically tailored to accommodate this experience, with a range of options available to ensure your event is a cut above the rest.

Injecting Liverpool’s up-and-coming Duke Street with a fun and immersive experience, PINS is revolutionising your night out. From bowling lanes to shuffleboard, we got it. From first-rate food to the very best in beverages, we got it.

We pay homage to the golden era of bowling. A time when bowlers reigned supreme, when they were celebrated like movie stars, and when the bowling ball was a treasured possession, a marker of polished excellence.

PINS is for all. No boundaries. It’s a place to connect and engage through experience – it’s your purpose-built playland.

Come for the drinks, we got you. Come for the eats, we got you. Come for the games, we got you.
PINS is your offline social network.

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